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President's Welcome

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Nowadays, world economy is reorganised rapidly by digital revolution as well as convergence of broadcasting and telecommunication. We, Korea Radio Promotion Association, will do our best to harmonise with new digital age for our affiliated member's development as well as social responsibility.

To begin with, We, RAPA, will expand the mutual cooperation among affiliated members. Furthermore, we will give weight to mutual coordination system among affiliated members to be mutually united within the digital revolution for broadcasting and telecommunication field.

Second, we will offer our maximum support for the development of small and medium enterprises members. To do so, we will gather various opinions from small and medium enterprises as well as find and promote various business models to strengthen the competitiveness of the industry, which are helpful for small and medium enterprises members.

Third, we will try to reflect the affiliated members opinions to the radio communication and broadcasting policies driven by Korean government. We will consult with government to reflect our affiliated member's opinions to the current tasks, such as IPTV, promotion of digital broadcasting industry, overseas expansion of business and radio communication and broadcasting policies. Through the consultation, we will give our best effort to maximize affiliated members' benefit.

In addition, we will expand our affiliated members upto the broadcasting industry from the telecommunication service providers and wireless product manufacturers who are the most of our current affiliated members. As a result, we will strengthen our internal and external ability to make a foundation for development of RAPA to become the main organization of the radio and broadcasting industy in Korea.

We believe we can achieve all by the affiliated member's great love and support.

The President of Korea Radio Promotion Association, Gee-Sung Choi