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ABOUT RAPA Korea Radio Promotion Association RAPA

CEO Message

CEO Greeting
“Greetings! My name is Hwang Hyun Sik, President of Korea Radio Promotion Association (RAPA).”
The radio broadcast industry has been remarkably growing for years. Radio wave is playing a critical role in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which the convergence of the ICT technology and other industries has been accelerating. Particularly, in this ‘Untact’ era, radio wave is establishing itself as the key player of the communications.

Since the establishment of RAPA, we have created new values through many research and projects and do our best efforts to lead the radio industry by responding promptly based on the accumulated expertise and capabilities.

We consider that the communication between the partners and the government is the key to this era. By listening to the voices of partners and strengthening the communication, we will act as a bridge between partners and the government and build the foundation for mutual growth.

RAPA is fully supportive for the development of the Radiobroadcasting & communication industry in Korea.

We look forward to your interest and support. Thank you.