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CEO Message

CEO Greeting
“Greetings! My name is Ha Hyun Hwoi, President of Korea Radio Promotion Association (RAPA).”
The radio wave is a finite resource and an essential part of the fourth industrial revolution driven by the convergence of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
We also believe that radio waves will play a critical role in the 5G era, envisioning a super-high speed and super-connected world.
Since its establishment in 1990, RAPA has conducted various research assignments and projects.
RAPA will continue to make efforts to help the radio wave industry so that it can serve as a vital source of future economic growth by creating new values through radio waves based on our accumulated expertise and knowhows.
To achieve that goal, communications between RAPA and its members as well as the government are the most important.
We will review the existing communication channels and seek the ways to closely relate to the sites and resolve issues, reflecting the needs of our members, and listen to their opinions carefully with a low profile.
RAPA will strive to support our members so that Korea can be a leader in the global radio wave broadcasting industry.
I look forward to your interest and support.
Thank you!
President of Korea Radio Promotion Association Ha Hyun Hwoi